Funny And Good Looking Doesn’t Cut It Anymore.
Fortunately, We Know Stuff.

We’ve been working with small business since the mid 90’s. We’re not just a bunch of kids content to push pixels for pizza and gas money.

This is what we do. This is what we love.


David is the patriarch of our little tribe. According to the rumours, he didn’t actually invent the internet with Al Gore, but he was sitting at the next table and overheard everything Al said. Since then David has been scouting, researching, experimenting and ‘deep diving’ to uncover the best way to do anything that makes Google happy and doesn’t require physical activity. He’s pretty much succeeded.

David enjoys: coffee (1-1/2 cream, 1 sweetener), British crime dramas, NFL Football, and stimulating fireside chats about Lead Funnels and WordPress hacks.


Kevin started building websites back when the Sony Walkman was a “must have” piece of technology. In the old days, his co-workers were forced to listen to him sing while he sketched out wire-frames. Now armed with the latest design tools, a CRM portal and sound-reducing headphones, Kevin spends his days connecting with our clients and managing projects as a Watershed9 partner.

Kevin enjoys: organizing THE REST OF THE CREW, playing Seinfeld reruns on YouTube, FOLLOWING the Toronto Blue Jays and vehemently debating politics.


Calvin Wray is a relative newbie (2006) to the digital workspace after several failed attempts at rock stardom left him half deaf and starving. Now, a respectable print designer and web guy, Calvin has been known to wax lyrical about logo design, white space (there’s never enough), image cropping, font mechanics and offer marginally compelling reasons why drop shadows are not actually evil.

Calvin enjoys: watching Canucks games from the couch and Whitecaps games 12 rows up from the corner flag. He unwinds by reading and writing.

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