Website design trends have changed a lot in the last three decades. Take a look around the internet, and it’s easy to discern the difference between sites that haven’t been updated in a while and others that are modern and trendy, reflecting the advances made in technology and design over the years.

If you’re a business owner, it’s not likely you want your website to be old-fashioned and static. Potential clients and customers that look for you on the internet or that stumble upon you by accident will be looking for some indication that you’re a successful, in-the-know company that can provide them with what they need. Your website can do a lot to speak to that.

If your site is looking a bit tired and needs to make changes to keep it up-to-date, consider some of these new and exciting website design trends for 2022.

  1. Comfortable, muted colours

Whereas the trend for the last several years has been bright colors, many site builders are now turning to more soothing, comfortable colors for their client’s websites. Why? It’s mainly because the general public spends so much time on the internet these days – especially with so many working from home – that these muted colors provide a break for tired eyes. Compare two sites beside one another – one with bright reds and oranges and the other with greyish blues. Which one hurts your eyes? A softer palette is less likely to cause eye strain, and visitors may stay longer. Try pastel pink or blue, natural greens, or tans and browns.

  1. Minimalism

Just because technology has given you more options, it doesn’t mean your site needs to be busier and more crowded. Sometimes, simpler is better. Many website builders have grasped the idea of minimalism when possible, building sites with simplified color schemes, easy-to-read fonts, simple flat backgrounds, and intuitive navigation that’s super user-friendly. Images are simple, too, and each serves a purpose. In other words, all the frills are gone, and you’re left with an attractive website that provides the customer with what they need in a format that’s easy to use. Sometimes, that’s all you need!

  1. Cartoons and hand-drawn elements

Stock photos are boring, but we still see them everywhere! Often, you’ll find the same images on multiple websites, courtesy of photo-sharing websites like iStock or Unsplash. It’s usually easy to tell that they’re not authentic or specific to the business. A better option? Graphic artists can provide hand-drawn elements for your website, which can help distinguish your brand from another. They’re creative and inspired; you won’t find them on someone else’s site because they’re created specifically for your business.

  1. Accessibility

More than ever, website designers discuss accessibility as they build a new site. This might seem strange to you – the word “accessibility” as it refers to a website. We think of accessibility as doing things like providing ramps and elevators for people in wheelchairs. But accessibility in website building considers those viewers who might have sensory or neurological issues, perhaps, or visual or auditory problems. To accommodate those individuals, you could incorporate features such as:

  • Keyboard-friendly navigation (for those who don’t have the motor skills to operate a mouse)
  • Adding alternative text to images and choosing colors carefully so that everything is easy to read (for the visually impaired)
  • Avoiding flashing lights and images (for those with sensory issues)
  • Ask your website builder about checking your site for accessibility. There are simple-to-use tools that can help with that.
  1. Virtual reality

More websites than ever are using virtual reality (VR) options for their customers. Of course, this doesn’t work for every business, but it can be an excellent perk for some. Virtual reality can make your website immersive and entertaining while allowing you to stand out amongst your competitors. Industries that might benefit from VR include travel, retail, automotive, and real estate. For example, you can bring the in-store experience to your customers at home, something that’s especially important these days as people remain uncomfortable about being in crowded stores. Using VR, seeing how a new sofa might look in their living room, for example, could prompt them to purchase online or to come into the store to see it in person.


Many more exciting trends are emerging in website building in 2022. At Watershed9, we keep track of the latest developments in web design and are eager to show you what we can do to make your site stand out from the crowd. For more information on our website building services, call us at 604-449-1337 or via our contact form.