If the novelty of working from home has worn off, and the trauma of your new business reality gives you reason for worry, there ARE a number of things you can and should do to connect with your customers. But with so much technology surrounding us, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. So we have come up with a list of “5 TIPS FOR CONNECTING WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS” because, Hey, who doesn’t like a numbered list?

Most of these ideas you can do yourself, and only a couple of them may cost any real money at all. The good news is that by adopting just a couple of these tricks now, while you’re learning to swim in this unique business climate, you will be better positioned to rock and roll when life gets back to normal (here’s hoping).

1. Add a COVID-19 response to your homepage

This is relatively quick solution you can implement to tell your customers what you are up to. A simple banner across the top of your homepage, with a timely message or important notice will let your clients know you are still there for them. If your  industry has a list of detailed protocols for dealing with the coronavirus, or you have specific instructions for order pick-up or connecting remotely, set up a separate COVID-19 page on your website. List helpful information and include links to resources for your customers. Link to your new Covid-19 page from your homepage notice.

2. Phone them – We’re Not Kidding!

While email and texting might be the utensil of choice for most of us these days, it’s good to be reminded that picking up the phone and actually talking to people has not been banned. This is a remarkable time in our history. Many of your customers are cooped up for long periods of time and by simply taking the time to dial and chat you might just brighten their day, and break up the routine. In fact, some business people have commented that clients conversations are “deeper”. People are relating at a more personal level than we often allow ourselves to do when we are racing through our business day at full throttle.

3. Reconnect Using Social Media

Everyone is spending more time on social media these days. The amount of content being consumed online is through the roof. You need to get your message out there. Now is the perfect time to start a daily content plan. Start putting yourself, your company, your values, your products out there for the world to see. Now is the time to gain the followers, increase your reach, and be seen!

While social media can become tiresome, especially when we let our worst impulses take over, reconnecting online can be great way to let people see the real you. Take photos of you just hangin’ out in the backyard with the dogs or pressure washing your driveway (social distancing, right?) Join a Facebook Group in your community and find out how you can help.

People look to brands and companies to see how they are dealing with crisis. By stepping up your social media skills, during this health crisis, you can show compassion, positivity, offer help, and live out your core values. Let your clients, and the rest of the business community know that they can trust and rely on you. Think of ways you can help out. Offer FREE online courses or perhaps a video tutorial or three. Are you able to offer discounts for front-line hospital workers?

4. Skype / Zoom – Face to Face

There’s never been a better time to jump into the video-conferencing waters than right now. Skype and Zoom are two of the biggies in this space. There’s also GoToMeeting.

Video connections aren’t just for client meetings. You can use any or all of these platforms to stay in touch with staff and suppliers, sharing powerpoint, spreadsheets and presentations. And the odds are, when this current health crisis is over, your love of this technology will not vanish into the ether like MySpace. There are free plans available with most video-conferencing platforms (with some restrictions) as well as monthly paid plans if you need increased functionality.

5. Email Marketing

This under-utilized method of connecting is the perfect way to send a consistent message to everyone in your database. If you have never worked with MailChimp or a similar E-mail CRM, now is the perfect time to add a new trick to your communications mix. One of the biggest advantages that email marketing has over social media is that you’re connecting with people that are already your customers. All you need to get started is a current customer list (yours and your customers only) and a MailChimp account.

If you’d like help initiating any of these ideas, we would be happy to share what we know and help you get started.

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From all of us at Watershed9 Marketing,

Stay Safe!