Accounting is all about numbers, right? And so are websites! The number of people who visit your website often impacts the number of clients you’ll acquire, so it’s essential for those numbers to be high.

To build a solid website that attracts a lot of lookers who could potentially become customers, you need to do a variety of things that keep searchers on your site…and blogs can play a large role in keeping people browsing and prompting them to take action.

But what topics can you blog about when you’re the owner of an accounting business? Are potential clients really going to be interested in accounting-related subjects or will they just think they’re boring?

While coming up with topics that interest the general public might be a bit challenging, we believe that a good content writer, combined with great ideas, can craft blogs for your accounting website that make browsers want to stick with your site and read the whole thing!

Here are a handful of ideas for your consideration:

  1. Tell them about yourself – Do a blog that makes you relatable. Many people see their accountant as a different sort of creature, tangled up in figures and interested only in crunching numbers. Show them you’re a real person with a blog about your kids, your dog, your spouse, your RV trips!
  2. Rules about current taxes – Tax rules change all the time and for most “regular” people, keeping up with new regulations can be very daunting. In your blog or series of blogs, try to explain any changes in easy-to-understand language and maybe include a link to a seminar about new tax rules that you might consider offering.
  3. Common financial fraud schemes – More and more, individuals – especially seniors – are being peppered with schemes that are fraudulent and meant to scam them out of their hard-earned dollars. Write a blog that covers some of these most popular schemes to warn them what to be watching for and what to do if they are indeed scammed.
  4. Tax reduction tips – Everyone is eager to save money! So offer a blog on tax reduction tips for the average citizen of your country. Quite often blogs like this can spawn more specific blogs, such as one on how owning property lowers your tax liability.
  5. The difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant – This one is for businesses. Explain the responsibilities of a bookkeeper vs what an accountant does and stress the importance of employing a certified accountant for the safety and security of the company’s finances.
  6. A guide to keeping your personal finances in order – This is potentially a long series of blogs that could cover topics as basic as balancing a checking account to how to save a portion of your income to investing and learning how to live debt-free.
  7. The particulars of personal bankruptcy – While no one likes to talk about bankruptcy, it does indeed happen. A blog about when it’s time to consider bankruptcy, how to navigate the process of declaring bankruptcy, and how to recover and rebuild your financial health would be an excellent consideration.
  8. Surviving a tax audit – An audit is a nerve-wracking experience, but a good accountant with a knowledge of tax laws can help nervous clients approach an audit with a more upbeat attitude. Tell them what they need to have ready for the audit, how it will transpire, and what the potential outcomes might be.
  9. Financial software – Many individuals now do all their basic accounting online, which makes consulting with your accountant much easier. Help your current or potential clients choose personal financial software that will work for them and even consider letting your blog be an introduction to a seminar you plan to offer about choosing software for personal accounting.

Remember, when you blog on your accounting business website, you can improve your SEO rankings and increase your company’s visibility online. It’s important, however, to know where your clients’ interests lie and what topics are pertinent to their lives. If you’re not sure what to blog about or even HOW to blog, consider a content package from Watershed9. We can pair you with an expert content writer that will pen blogs that can help you climb the SEO ladder. For more information, talk to one of our website building experts at 604-337-1449.