The construction business is booming! That means potential customers want to know more about you, your business, your expertise, what you’ve built, and what you’ll be building in the future. And what’s the best way to do that? By writing blogs, of course!

Blogs are a phenomenon of the 21st century! They are one of the best ways to prove to current and potential clients that you are among the best in your field, that you have the credentials to do their job properly, and that you’re keeping up with the latest trends in your industry. In less than about 750 words, you can impart information that’s interesting and helpful to those seeking your assistance with their next project.

Blogs should be easy to read – with plenty of lists and bullet points – and should be front-and-center on the menu of your website. By using the blog as a tool, you’ll find that your website attracts more attention and retains the traffic that lands there.

So, what should you write about? What are the right topics to attract clients these days?

A lot of that depends on where you’re located and what your expertise might be, but here we’ve provided a list of 9 great blogs for your construction business that we think will pertain to customers of all sorts.

  1. Anything about energy efficiency – Being kind to the environment and leaving less of a carbon footprint on the planet is what today’s homeowners are all about, so this blog will attract plenty of attention. Whether you’re a company that builds new homes with energy efficient features or a “specialist, like someone who installs energy efficient windows or HVAC systems, you can capitalize on this topic and truly explain your commitment to saving energy.
  2. How to select a contractor – Here’s where you can not only offer practical advice but where you can also slip in some information about your expertise and why clients should consider you for their next project. School them about the answers they should be hearing from a reputable contractor. Many individuals have no idea what kind of questions to ask while making this type of decision.
  3. Trends – Everyone wants their home to be up-to-date, so blogs about current trends are ideal. Consider titles like “2021 Trends for your Kitchen Remodel” or “Trends in Smart Technology for your Home” or “Trends in Flooring Options for the Busy Family”. The possibilities are endless but make sure your advice is up-to-date.
  4. Seasonal blogs – Homeowners like to read about tips for certain seasons, like sprucing up your backyard for the spring or preparing your gutters for the rainy season. With seasonal blogs, you can present something fresh for winter, spring, summer, and fall as well as for holidays and such. Be sure to accompany the blogs with some pertinent photos.
  5. Tips about costs and financing – Anyone who’s considering any sort of construction activity around their house, from a remodel to basic repairs, what’s to know about cost. Furthermore, those undergoing huge projects, like building a new house, will want some info about options for financing. Offer some tips here and direct them to places where they can get more precise information. Refrain from giving specific financial advice, however.
  6. Specific projects you’ve completed – It’s okay to use your blog to brag a little! So, go ahead and feature a specific project you’ve done if you think it showcases you and your business in a positive light. Again, pictures paint a thousand words, so use several in the blogs about the fine work you do.
  7. “Types of…” blogs – Show your readers options that pertain to your construction business. For example, if you are a roofer, you might write about “What roofing material is best for your home”. If you are a general contractor that specializes in kitchens, you could right about “Flooring trends for 2021”, or something else that showcases options for the jobs you do.
  8. Technology – Younger homeowners want to know about making their home “smart” these days. Consider blogs about using technology in your home, from controlling your HVAC system from your phone to using smart locks and security cameras.
  9. Something specific to your region – If you take time to get to know your readers, you can truly customize your blogs so that they address the challenges in your area. You might write about the “best roof for a snowy climate”, for example, if you’re in an area that receives lots of snow. Zero in on what someone hiring a construction company in YOUR area might need to know and craft something that includes that info.

Remember, if writing blogs isn’t your thing or you just don’t have time to create them, Watershed9 can pair you with a content expert that can help produce the blogs you need to increase traffic to your website. For more information on our content packages, call us at 604-337-1449.