In most parts of the country, fitness studios are quite plentiful. You’ll find traditional gyms, SPIN studios, circuit gyms, kick-boxing facilities, and much more. Truly, the competition between fitness studios can be fierce, especially if there are several in your town or city. That means there’s always a struggle to stay one step above the competition.

One of the best ways to do that is by attracting potential customers to your website. And one of the best ways to get customers to visit your site is to provide quality content for them to read, including blogs.

Now is an especially good time to talk to would-be clients about lifestyle changes. So many people took a close look at their lives during the pandemic and decided they must make changes or improvements. As such, the fitness studios who are spending time and money courting new clients are making great strides in increasing their memberships.

Of course, great blog ideas for your fitness studio website need to be focused on subjects that truly speak to your ideal client, whether that’s someone who’s already super fit or someone else who is just getting into fitness. Your blogs should also be unique to the area in which you operate and can be geared towards what’s happening now. (For example, if the weather is changing and becoming warm, as it is in much of the country right now, you should focus on warm weather fitness.)

If you’ve been thinking about adding a blog section to your website or expanding on the blogs you already have, perhaps you’re dealing with a bit of writer’s block. It can be hard to come with a new topic every week or even once a month. No problem! We’d like to help you get started with these suggestions.

  1. Staying Fit While You’re Traveling – Spring and summer are the seasons when many plan their holidays and, as such, even avid exercise fanatics can lose their fitness focus because they’re traveling. In this blog, you can offer tips on how and where to exercise while on holiday, with an emphasis on making the most of local resources.
  2. Carving Out Time for Workouts – How many times have you heard someone say, “I just don’t have time to exercise”? Probably lots. People are busy with work, kids, school, and much more, and the work-from-home craze has actually extended work hours, not shortened them. Help your readers figure out where in their jam-packed day they can find time to exercise and offer tips on getting the most out of a short workout.
  3. Best Fitness Trackers – So, what’s better? Apple Watch or Fit Bit? How about Strava and other apps? We are so inundated with options for tracking our fitness that most of us don’t know where to turn. As a fitness professional, you can craft a blog about fitness tracker options and talk to would-be clients about choices that are both user-friendly and accurate.
  4. Choosing the Right Sneakers/Shoes for Your Workout – Have you ever looked at a huge wall of sneakers and wondered which are right for you? Many people have. Your clients could certainly benefit from an explanation of different kinds of sneakers and why some are right for certain activities (walking, running, etc.) but not for others.
  5. Meal Planning – Health-conscious individuals are always looking to find better ways to eat the right foods. So, offer them tips on food planning that include buying the right foods as well as preparing them properly so that they’re enjoyable but not loaded with fat and calories. Even offer some appetizing recipes at the end of the blog!
  6. A Guide to Supplements – The vitamin and supplement shelves in your local drugstore can be just as confusing as that previously mentioned sneaker wall! So offer your clients honest and accurate advice on vitamins and other supplements that may help them with certain issues as well as ways to stay healthy with the use of supplements when your diet might not be doing the trick.
  7. Local Fitness Information – A blog with information about the local fitness community probably should be written at least quarterly so that it’s always up to date. You can use these blogs to talk about local races for area runners of all levels, great places to walk (by yourself or with children), other outdoor fitness activities around the community, and even restaurants where you can grab a healthy meal on the run or the best shop for supplements and other natural items.
  8. Weight Loss and Diets – We hear so much about what’s right for us and what isn’t when it comes to diets and ways of losing weight. So, use some space to talk about fad diets that might not be a good idea as well as weight loss methods that really work. Don’t be afraid to make this a long one. Readers are looking for accurate and well-explained information about eating and weight loss and how the two work hand-in-hand.
  9. Tell YOUR Story – Very often, clients are driven to come to you and your studio if they are moved by your journey. Don’t be afraid to make yourself the focus of one of your blogs. Write it carefully without sounding arrogant or self-absorbed and do outline both your failures and successes. Often, someone can see themselves in your fitness journey, and if you’re relatable, they’ll be more apt to come to you and your place of business.

At Watershed9, we have plenty of ideas for your fitness studio blog. We also have skilled content writers to pen them for you if you’re not feeling up to the task of blogging on a regular basis. Check out our content plans and let us tell you about other marketing strategies for your fitness studio. For a no-obligation consultation, call us at 604-337-1449.