It’s been a tough 18 months to be a doctor! No matter what your specialty, your practice was likely impacted by Covid-19 and all the travails that surround it.

As a result, maybe you’ve given some extra thought to your website, its content, and the best ways to attract new patients to your practice. Offering fresh content is super important and the best way to get traffic to your site, where they can read about you and your background, your associates, and much more.

Of course, it takes more than just an “about me” page to get prospective patients to your website. You need to offer truly relevant content that includes information people are searching for these days, whether it’s about Covid or something else totally unrelated.

It’s also important to remember that blogs not only provide pertinent information and expand your online presence, but they also can help raise your placement in organic search rankings, which means it’ll be easier for searchers to find you if they’re looking for a doctor in your area and/or with your specialty.

Whatever topic you choose, it’s important that you make an impression. So, here we’ve listed 9 blog ideas we believe will help bring your website and your practice to the attention of potential new patients, and please your existing patients as well.

  1. Flu shots – We’re all about vaccines these days and, as such, fall is the time to talk about flu shots. Everyone wants to know if they should get one, why, and if they’re really going to work against this year’s strains. They’re also looking for answers as to how it might interact with their Covid vaccine and if they can get both at the same time.
  2. Ideas to improve your sleep – It seems that no one gets enough sleep these days. Either we just don’t have time to fit it in or something else is keeping us from falling asleep or staying asleep, like stress. Tips for getting a good night’s sleep are always appreciated, especially if they involve simple remedies that don’t cost us extra dollars.
  3. Specific exercise ideas – While it’s easy to tell your patients they need to exercise, it’s important that your blogs be more specific. Consider topics like Exercises You Can Do with Your Family, Stretches for Pain Caused by Sitting All Day (i.e. neck and back strain from computer use, etc.), Cardio Workouts You Can Do at Home, and more. Target what you believe your patient population needs most and go in that direction.
  4. Addressing anxiety – Anxiety issues have been big this past year, given the Covid lockdowns and other restrictions on our regular activities. You might want to talk about how to address anxiety from a non-medication point of view, offering tips to help those who don’t normally have anxiety problems make it through this difficult time.
  5. First Aid at Home – Home accidents happen often, from burns or cuts while cooking to sprains and other injuries while playing outside. Most of us are not prepared to handle them. In this blog, you can explain what we should have in a home first aid kit and how to handle at-home injuries that require more than a bandage and some ointment.
  6. Aspirin vs Ibuprofen vs Acetaminophen – This became somewhat of a debate during Covid, especially at the beginning of the pandemic when we were being told not to take certain pain relievers. Take some time to explain the make-up of all three and offer advice as to which are best for what kinds of ailments.
  7. Benefits of drinking water – We all know how important it is to stay hydrated but don’t always understand why. Explain the benefits of water, how much your patients should drink, and how much is too much. Offer alternative ways to hydrate as well (i.e. water-packed fruits, other beverages, etc).
  8. Topic of the month – Each month, there’s generally a campaign to spark our awareness of a particular medical issue, such as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month or National Kidney Month. Zero in on those once each month and address the questions your patients may have about these particular illnesses, even if they’re not your specialty but especially if they are.
  9. Go local – Is there a particular medical issue impacting your community? Maybe there was an outbreak of measles at a local school or perhaps an increase of teenagers in your area who are vaping. Look for topics that are trending in your area and address them. You’ll find that there are plenty of questions for which your patients need answers, and you can provide them.


In general, you can let your patients help guide you towards topics that are relevant to them. Keep a log of the questions they ask. It might be about things they see on the news or drugs they see advertised on TV. If you see a trend in questioning, by all means, make that the subject of your next blog.

The biggest challenges of writing a blog often involve the time spent doing the writing. So consider letting someone else do it, such as a professional content writer employed by your website designer/builder. You’ll get quality content in a timely manner that will engage readers and bring you more traffic and, potentially, new patients.

At Watershed9, we can assist you with your blogs by helping you identify pertinent topics as well as offering you the services of our skilled team of writers. For more information, talk to one of our web design experts at 604-337-1449.