As a long-time customer of Foreman’s Integra Tire in Langley, BC, I was already aware of the great level of service and professionalism that Peter Foreman and his team bring to every job. So when Peter asked about a new website for his business I knew it was my turn to return the favour.

They needed their new website to inform new clients about their full-service automotive shop. In addition, the new site had to be used in combination with an ongoing Google Adwords campaign. We sat down with Peter and explained why it was important to have a page for every service they offered rather than just a single page for ‘services’ or ‘what we do’. After our initial consultation, the client was able to highlight eight specific services, which allowed us to create eight service pages, which in turn, corresponded to a variety of Google search phrases.

We proceeded to interview our client for details on each category and then wrote the content and built the entire website from that one interview. The client was appreciative that we were able to carry the load on the content creation process, and we were happy that we had a healthy number of website pages to reference as we began our Google Adwords program.

It’s not often that I get to rave about a client of ours, but I would do readers of this post a disservice if I didn’t tell you straight up that you won’t find a better auto mechanic anywhere. The next time your vehicle needs work done – take it to Foreman’s. And the next time your website needs work done – please bring it to us!


Check out the final site here