For many businesses, the allure of E-commerce is an opportunity too good to pass up. However, approaching the challenge in the right way takes some thought and a good dose of research and problem-solving.

Electrum Charging Solutions, a fast-growing company based in Surrey B.C., had attempted to launch an e-commerce website previously but without much success. While the technical aspects had been sufficient to launch, the overall philosophy of how their online product area would work hand in hand with their WordPress platform and shopping cart needed rethinking.

The first step was to agree on a website navigation flow that would engage website users and make it easy for them to either make an online purchase once all their questions were answered or connect with the expert sales team at Electrum Charging to learn more about EV charging. Furthermore, Dan Trudel, the founder of Electrum, had experience in video production and wanted to create a Youtube channel that would act as an information hub. Informing consumers on the current state of EV charging was a necessary part of an overall website solution for Electrum charging.

For the shopping cart, we integrated Shopify, one of the best E-commerce platforms on the market (and a great Canadian success story) with a WordPress designed website hosted and managed on our premium servers for a seamless online customer experience.

When a user first arrives at the website, they can navigate through a lot of useful information as they learn about the state of the electric vehicle charging industry. Once the user is ready to proceed to the next step, they can either connect with a person to continue the conversation or simply BUY NOW. With a single click, the user moves from the WordPress platform to the E-commerce platform, which has been branded to match the overall site design.

While buying a home vehicle charging system usually requires some degree of consultation before making the purchase, Electrum has successfully enabled those website users that are ready to head for the sales counter and get started.

A website development project of this scale takes time to think through. Our team brought together the best of WordPress and Shopify E-commerce to create an informative, well-branded website to satisfy the needs of both curious retail end-users as well as commercial prospects needing to consult with the experts at Electrum.

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