Perhaps you’ve never used the search engine known as Bing, though it’s been around for quite some time. Microsoft launched Bing in May 2009. They marketed Bing as a “decision engine” that provided organized answers for user needs. It might make perfect sense to begin advertising on Bing. There are many advantages for companies who have been thinking of “Google only” for their PPC campaigns.

Although it’s been on the scene for over a decade, Bing has never achieved the same popularity as Google, which still dominates about 92 percent of the market. That makes it still a distant second to its gigantic competitor, with only 3 percent of the market share.

That doesn’t mean that business owners should not attempt advertising on Bing, which has stayed consistent through the years and attracts a different demographic than Google and Yahoo. It could be a good investment for your advertising dollars. Here’s why.

Older users 

– While Google is popular with all users, but especially those under 35 years old, Bing users are often over 35, according to research. The age group most likely to use Bing ranges from about 55-65. So if your target audience falls within this range, adding Bing to your advertising portfolio should be considered. Bing is often included as the default search engine when purchasing a computer. Therefore older demographics use Bing because of the convenience. Another advantage to attracting older users is they may have more money to spend!


– Though cost-per-click depends on what keywords you’ve chosen to target, advertising on Bing tends to be cheaper than advertising on Google. If you target your ads well, you’ll end up paying less for more clicks on Bing. Furthermore, Bing boasts excellent ad targeting tools, so you can get super specific about who you want to reach with your ads.

Integration with other products 

– Bing is owned by Microsoft, a company that also owns many hardware and software products. While you’ve most likely recognized the company’s association with Edge, Bing has several other search engine partners, like Yahoo, AOL,, and others. You can include those partners in your campaigns as an advertiser if you wish. That means you’re getting more bang for your buck in many instances.

International audiences 

– The number of international searches using Bing continues to grow. Research shows that in the U.K., about a quarter of all desktop searches are through Bing. In Canada, that number is very similar. So, if you’re targeting customers beyond the U.S., including countries where Bing continues to grow, such as France and Germany, you might want to try Bing ads.

Control over advertising 

– One of the greatest benefits of advertising with Bing instead of Google is that it offers much more preciseness regarding control over your advertising. For example, you can set the following at the ad group level on Bing but not on Google:

    • Time of day (ad schedule)
    • Demographics (age and gender)
    • Language
    • Ad distribution
    • Ad rotation
    • Targeting method

Ideal for certain industries 

– Advertising on Bing tends to work better for specific industries as Google does for others. Those that seem to fare well with Bing include healthcare, childcare/schools, and senior care/senior living.

Users on Bing get free stuff 

– Who doesn’t want some cashback just for searching on their computer? Bing attracts users who might become YOUR customers by rewarding them with points every time they search on their desktop or mobile device. You can convert your points to cash and redeem gift cards at major brands. This perk has led many users to stick with Bing instead of turning to Google.

Bing image search is epic 

– Bing was the first search engine to implement the appropriately named “infinite scroll” in Bing Images, where users could keep scrolling and never reach the end of their search results. This feature is much loved and will keep users returning to Bing.



If you’re considering Advertising on Bing but aren’t sure if it’s worth the expense, or if you’ve never heard of Bing ads but would like more information, call Watershed9 at 604-337-1449 to learn more about the possibilities of advertising with this unique search engine. We’ll be happy to explain how Bing Ads can benefit you and will help you tailor an ad campaign that also fits your budget.