We are often asked if we can help clients fix or ‘save’ their current website. Sometimes we are able to resuscitate a dead or dying website but often the best plan of action is to start from scratch.

Accent Label Automation, based in Surrey, BC, came to us with two websites that required major technical work done on the Joomla platform. Our recommendation was to migrate both sites over to WordPress where it would be much easier to maintain and expand as their product lines grew over time. We even offered to train their staff so they could add and edit existing content on their own. This solution was a big relief as both existing sites were hard to manage and were in desperate need of design upgrades. We got busy on the first, smaller site accentlabelautomation.com to make sure the client was comfortable with WordPress, and have now moved on to the larger second site, which is still in production.

Which leads to a second question we are often asked. “Why would we have more than one website?” In the case of Accent Labels, they have two areas of focus – label automation and packaging automation. Each has enough detail on its own to warrant a separate site. This keeps the content focus clear to both the site managers, as well as the users that are navigating the pages. Our answer to the question of multiple sites is a fishing analogy. The more nets you have in the water, the more fish you’re going to catch!