Hybrid Search Engine Marketing

What Is Hybrid Search Engine Marketing?

When we combine the long term benefits of high quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with instant results from Pay Per Click (PPC) we can create the most effective search engine marketing possible. With our hybrid SEO program you can take advantage of the long term results that come with improved organic search as well as the instant website traffic that arrives from the moment we fire up your pay per click advertising.

The Search Engine Optimization Part

We deliver the same set of site improvements that you’ll find in our regular SEO Plans which you can view here. We create content, acquire inbound links, do Technical SEO on your website and distribute your content through Social Media (and email if you’re on the SEO PREMIUM plan.)

The Pay Per Click Part

The PPC component differs from our PPC only campaigns in several ways:

1. We pay for the Search Engine clicks so you only get one monthly invoice.
2. We are very selective with the keywords we target and the hours during the day your ads are running.
3. We design the Pay Per Click to “fill in the gaps” that have not yet been filled by your long term SEO plan.

We use a very strategic and cost effective style of PPC Management that is designed to compliment an ongoing Search Engine Optimization program.

We HIGHLY recommend SEO Hybrid – for the best balance between results and cost effectiveness.

HYBRID SEO Price Plans – 6 Months to Success

All of our HYBRID Search Engine Optimization plans include a Complete Google Services review and setup (if needed), a website Technical Review and adjustment of your website (site speed, HTTPS etc. etc.) and detailed Monthly Reporting of your progress and results.


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