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What Is Pay Per Click?

Search Engines like Google and Bing are in the business of sending traffic to websites based on the search queries (requests) of users. When prospects who are looking to buy your product or service enter a search phrase, the search engine displays a list of organic search results as well as a selection of advertising results. One day Social Media may be the biggest source of prospects but for now…. it is Search Engines.

Both of the major Search Engines, Google and Bing, allow advertising above and below the search results with text ads only.

You are only charged when a website visitor clicks your ad and visits your website. That’s about as fair as it gets. No website visitor… no cost.


Why Should You Do It?


Nothing will get qualified prospects to your website faster than Pay Per Click advertising. Often we can get people to view your website in less than 24 hours… and these are real prospects… people who are looking to buy your products or services.


How do you tell if you’re getting good value for your money? If a phone lead costs $60 is that a bargain or too expensive? By integrating phone call tracking into every Google AdWords campaign, we can provide our clients with valuable information such as:

  • how many people saw your ad?
  • what percentage of them clicked on the ad?
  • where were they located when they clicked?
  • what device were they using….. smartphone… desktop?
  • how long did they stay on your site after they clicked?
  • how many pages did they view?
  • and of course… did they call you or fill in a form?

Most other forms of advertising can’t provide any of this detail, and having this information, allows us to make smarter decisions as we move forward.

  • setup of your AdWords account with Google & Bing (if needed)
  • Keyword & Competitor research
  • Campaign, Ad Group, and Keyword setup
  • targeting to appropriate Geographical area
  • Linking of Google Analytics to your AdWords account
  • Setup of correct goals in Google Analytics
  • Setup of remarketing pixel on your website
  • Monthly adjustments to maximize performance
  • Trackable phone numbers (HIGHLY recommended)
  • Monthly detailed reporting

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