Search Engine Optimization

The Key To Improving Your Findability!

Search Engine Optimization

The Key To Improving Your Findability!

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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization is the name given to any activity that attempts to improve the visibility of your website in search engines. The word ‘findability’ may describe it even better. When a prospect looking for your product or service types a search phrase into a search engine (Google, Bing etc.) wouldn’t it be great if they found your website on the first page of search results?

While getting you to page one for any specific keyword or search term is no easy task, our SEO programs have been designed to ensure consistent movement of your web pages from lower rankings (where you are today) towards the prime real estate on page one. It takes time and in-depth understanding of how search engines think for our Search Engine Optimization team to reach this goal on your behalf.

SEO – “The Watershed9 Way”


There’s an old cliche “content is king”, and it is absolutely true. The surest way to keep your website on a fast-track to better organic search results is to add new content. Whether it’s new page content, blog pages, or video, Google loves content. The challenge for most businesses is finding a way to keep the new ideas flowing while you’re busy building your business. We have solutions that are low stress and high impact.


How long do people stay on your website once they arrive? It sure matters to Google and they rank your site by how ‘useful’ the search result was to the person looking for your products and services. We study the web browsing habits of your users and work to increase their engagement (interaction) with your website. Longer visits to your site means more love from Google!


How your website ranks in organic search is dependent on how many other websites know you exist. Our team works to build a network of external links back to your website that will become more valuable as time goes on. As with all our SEO strategies, we follow Google best practices to ensure your website increases in value to all search engines – and customers looking to do business with you.


Online search trends and the way humans interact with your website is in a constant state of flux. The extensive list of technical updates required to lift your website to a higher level will follow the same track regardless of your business, or product / service mix. We work on your website (on your budget) to meticulously optimize every aspect of your website. From alt tags to overall site structure, and a whole lot of other improvements (see below) our team is dedicated to making your website the best it can be.

Site Speed

One of the biggest factors to consider when ranking your website is the time it takes to load. People don’t like slow websites and neither do search engines. Our team will analyze your site and make adjustments to make sure that slow page loads become a thing of the past.

How Do Search Engines Decide Who Is On Page One?

This is done with mathematics (an algorithm) not by actual people making these decisions. How exactly that algorithm works they will not disclose for obvious reasons. They give some general guidelines but SEO professionals like ourselves have found it best to;

  • perform tests on sites we own and measure the results
  • reverse engineer the sites that are positioned really well

Our “style” of SEO is referred to as “Technical or Scientific SEO”. We determine what to do for a client based on evidence that we have seen and proven to ourselves…. NOT what is commonly assumed to be “Best Practice”. That said, certain fundamentals are always used;

  • content is crucial… you need to have an ongoing content plan of some kind
  • inbound links… other websites that link to you (ie: Chamber Of Commerce) help your “reputation” with Google
  • technical optimization of pages… no coding errors… correct use of various markup… etc.
  • site load time… particularly on mobile
  • site structure and internal linking… how your site is organized and how pages link to each other

Technical SEO – What do we actually do?

Google is the primary target of our work of course and they populate that results page with both regular search results or “Organic” and map results or “Local” search results. Since both are crucial we cover both in our work. It doesn’t make much sense to do one without the other.

  • review your current analytics… how many people visit? what pages do they read? how long do they stay?
  • research to discover the most important keywords for your website
  • review the websites that are currently ranking well for those keywords
  • review current page TITLES and DESCRIPTION tags
  • review current keyword density in text body
  • review your Social Media setup as these can provide quality inbound links and help with overall visibility
  • content creation
  • help acquire inbound links
  • review new page TITLES and DESCRIPTION tags
  • review new keyword density in text body
  • distribute new content through your Social Media
  • improve search results click through rate (CTR) *
  • improve your web page engagement (how long do people “dwell” on your page) *

* Not fully tested yet but is looking promising. This is the new “Brain Rank” part of their algorithm which is rewarding engagement and Click Through Rate.


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