Matrix Visa is a boutique international recruitment and Canadian immigration Firm. They approached us about migrating their existing site from SQUARESPACE over to WordPress. As huge fans of WordPress, we were up for the challenge. While there was definitely going to be some pain extricating a site this big from one platform and moving it, the advantages of moving forward in WordPress far outweighed the options of staying put. The Customization capability of WordPress makes it the ideal platform for almost any website.

Our clients existing website included a large body of work, almost 60 pages of content plus a large library of articles on the intricacies of migrating from South Africa to Canada. Our main task on this project was to ensure that all this valuable content made it’s way safely into WordPress. Not only because the team at Matrix Visa had spent so much time writing posts and pages to explain their services, but just as importantly, because the SEO repercussions of getting this wrong would have a noticeable negative impact on their monthly website traffic.

Any time we work with a client who has an existing website, one of our top priorities (apart from design) is to dive into Google Analytics so we can understand the current situation. It’s one thing to build a pretty website to attract new prospects for the client. But it’s another matter altogether to maintain the SEO integrity of every page so that the new site doesn’t lose its place in Google rankings. Our tech team worked overtime to make sure we landed Matrix Visa safely on the Google landscape – right where their old site had been.