If you have ever needed to rid yourself of old furniture and junk around your house, you will appreciate the relief that comes when your “buddy with a truck” shows up to bail you out.

In this case, we were happy to bail out the actual “Buddy with A Truck” when they approached us to review their existing website. While the visual design was quite good, there were some technical issues and SEO problems that needed to be addressed.

We suggested that the client expand from a single page website to a multi-page site with full descriptions of each service. This is a common problem on many websites and is simply a result of the way we all used to build websites back in the day. We explained how Google indexes pages by topic (or keyword) and how isolating each service on a separate page would give better organic search results. This is because website users search by topic (ie. junk removal in langley) and Google returns page results that focus on that subject only. Having 5 topics jammed on a single page is a guarantee Google passes you by and displays a competitor to your ideal lead.

Now that the new website is launched buddywithatruck.ca, we look forward to monitoring website traffic as we continue to improve on a good thing.