The customer is always right. You’ve heard that phrase before, especially if you’re a business owner or spent any time in retail sales. Chances are you’ve also had dealings with that “right” customer – a scenario that often results in a bit of contention including  some gnashing of teeth and a lot of holding back so that you don’t say what you’re really feeling!

While the saying “the customer is always right” was devised in the hopes of prompting good, cordial customer service, the fact is that we all know this isn’t really the truth. There are plenty of times when the customer is wrong. This phrase, which historians say dates back to 1909 and a popular London department store, can’t always be applied to your company or any company because it’s simply a bad mantra on which to build your business, experts agree.

“There are definitely times when saying ‘no’ is a good idea for you, your customer, and your bottom line,” says Robert Sollars, author of Unconventional Customer Service:  How To Break the Rules and Provide Unparalleled Service. It’s more a matter of sticking to your principals and recognizing that, even though letting the customer think they’re always right is a nice idea, it can often backfire.

Web design and your customers

We love our clients and we know you value yours as well. But we’ve found that in the web design industry, your customers and their habits may actually be leading you in the wrong direction. Unless, of course, you’ve got our expertise and industry knowledge behind you.

If you’ve researched web design at all, you’ve probably read about how customer habits should help dictate what your website looks like and what it offers. Indeed, you can use details on customer behavior to improve your web design and get better results, hence increasing your bottom line. After all, digital marketing is integral to customer acquisition and an understanding of your target audience’s psychological and purchase decision processes can certainly help you meet your marketing objectives.

So, what’s the problem? Why does web design fall short when it’s primarily based on the “the customer is right” adage?

Keeping up with the Googles

The problem arises because website design, user search habits, mobile device usage, and other technology is constantly evolving. We all know that! Try trading in your old phone or computer for a new one or downloading an updated version of a favorite program and you’ll realize how far behind you are regarding today’s newest technology.

This is why hiring a design expert is a true necessity. While it’s not likely you’ve been keeping up with Google’s latest rules and parameters, for example, we do! And while being schooled on the latest technology is what we’re all about, we also know how to properly monitor your clients’ online habits, likes, and dislikes. That compilation of knowledge results in a website that’s designed to do what it’s intended to do – increase your business.

When Watershed9 is hired to both build AND maintain your website, we can make adjustments where and when they are necessary. Conversely, if someone with far less expertise is doing your website maintenance, you may be waiting months for them to catch up with new rules or trends and – worse yet – it may never happen.

Statistics show that of the nearly 2 billion websites on the internet today, tens of millions of them are static. That indicates they’ve never been changed or updated. It also means that if you go to a company’s website this month and then go back to it 6 months from now, it will look exactly the same. How effective do you think that website might be?

Trust your designer

At Watershed9, we strive to be “always right”. (We’re not just bragging! We mean it!) But unlike your customers, we actually have the knowledge to achieve that goal. And though we certainly make mistakes and need to tweak our handiwork here and there, you can be sure that we know our stuff. That comes from decades of experience in the business and a commitment to continuing education that keeps us on top of our game and constantly allows us to add our new knowledge to your ever-changing website.

Is your website lagging behind? Do you need a new, fresh look for your site? Have your customers stopped pushing the “buy” button? Is there a marked decrease in visits to your site? If so, we can help with all these issues and more. Give us a call at 604-337-1449 and set up a no-obligation virtual meeting with one of our design experts, who can draft a plan to get your site back on track.