If you run an online business based in Canada, you’ve got many choices to ship your products. Suppose your E-Commerce platform of choice is WooCommerce. In that case, you’ll find several add-ons that will help you integrate Canada Post and other services like Purolator with your site, making it super easy to choose the best options for shipping your packages. Shipping Integration with WooCommerce will streamline your business and make your life easier.

WooCommerce Canada Post Plugins

Check out these options for shipping packages from your WooCommerce-generated shopping carts using Canada Post. These are ideal for most small – to medium-sized, light packages.

WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Method

The Canada Post Shipping Method plugin is an excellent option for integrating Canada Post rates. It’ll connect your store with the Canada Post API to provide accurate domestic and international shipping rates. Everything should go smoothly as long as you use Canadian Dollars as your currency of choice. Furthermore, it’s not an expensive plugin (under $100 for one site) and offers several helpful features.

  • Offer a variety of domestic and international shipping services with immediate live rates
  • Choose from a range of services categorized as Domestic, International, or USA-specific
  • Easily select services according to your business needs
  • Easily edit the names of services
  • Add costs as per your needs
  • Include options for extra coverage
  • Include the option to schedule a pickup

WooCommerce Canada Post with Print Label

This plugin offers everything that the previously mentioned plugin includes but also provides an option to print shipping labels and track your orders directly from your WooCommerce admin page. It also works for both contract and non-contract users of Canada Post. Several other features are available as well.

  • Display live rates in the cart and on checkout pages
  • Make positive and negative adjustments to rates
  • Display estimated delivery date
  • Offer multiple box packing options
  • Print invoices and manifest directly from the WooCommerce dashboard
  • Schedule pickup
  • Tracking information is automatically added to the order completion email

Like the previous plugin, this one is reasonably priced at less than $100 for a single site license.

ELEX Easy Post plugin

If you want to use other carriers and Canada Post, consider the ELEX plugin, which lets you access FedEx, UPS, and the US Postal Service. It can integrate rates and services for all four carrier options. It prints shipping labels and provides tracking information to customers, too. There are several other features available through this plugin as well.

  • Display an estimated delivery date for each service/carrier
  • Multiple parcel packing options, such as custom boxes or weight- or volume-based packing
  • Bulk label printing or return label printing (with add-ons)
  • The option to enable insurance on each package

Purolator for WooCommerce plugin

If you’re selling large or heavy items, you should look at how shipping integration and WooCommerce can work for you. A freight carrier may be a better option than Canada Post for the shipping needs of your customers. As such, you can integrate with other companies. One option is Purolator, which has been shipping to, from, and within Canada for more than 60 years. It has one of the most extensive shipping networks in Canada and can reach remote locations that other carriers may not be able to access. With the Purolator plugin, customers can easily track their packages. The customer automatically gets a tracking link when you mark an order as complete from your dashboard. Site masters can also track those same packages from their order details page. You can also easily cancel a Purolator shipment with just one click. Other features are available as well.

  • Show customers an estimated delivery date
  • Specify the handling time associated with your product
  • Enable the option to require a signature for delivery
  • Add handling fees to the order
  • Auto-generate Purolator shipping labels
  • Add a customer perk by offering to pay a percentage of the shipping costs

Purolator has a host of domestic and international shipping options available, and all can be accessed through this WooCommerce plugin.

Shipping with WooCommerce

There is an abundance of other options available for shipping integration with your WooCommerce E-Commerce platform. Choose the one that’s right for your product type, size, weight, and other parameters. At Watershed9, we can help steer you in the right direction when choosing shipping options for your online store. To talk to one of our website design and building experts, call us at 604-337-1449.