Most of us search the internet at least once a day but quite likely much more often than that. As a matter of fact, a study completed by We are Social determined that most adults spend an average of nearly 7 hours a day reading or watching something on the internet! That’s a lot of time!

Sometimes we’re looking for specific information on a certain topic, just for fun or for work or school. Other times we’re on a mission to purchase something we want or need.

Think about those searches. As you browse the internet, what attracts you to a particular website or page and what keeps you there?

Chances are it’s probably not just the words on the page. It’s more likely the items located there that are more visually-appealing, like photos and video.

Most people enjoy watching videos and some watch for hours. The popularity of many video platforms – like YouTube, Vimeo, or even Facebook Live – prove that. Individuals, couples, and entire families spend countless minutes a day browsing the internet for funny or interesting videos, and with so many staying home these days, the medium has become more important than ever both as a source of information and of entertainment.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to include concise, attractive, and well-produced video on your website or social media platforms. Whether you’re selling a product or offering a service, you can benefit greatly from spending a little of your marketing budget on a video, which is actually less costly to produce than you might think.

Why use video marketing?

You’ve probably heard people joke about how short our attention spans have become, thanks to Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, and the internet in general. Studies show that it’s true that we’ve become far less inclined to read a long page of copy than peruse a short page with bullet points, and that we would prefer, in general, to watch a short video that gives us all the info we need without having to do any reading at all.

That might seem lazy, but that’s the way most of us function in today’s fast-paced world of information, commerce, and more. So, if you include a 2 minute (or less) video on your website, you can be sure that it will have more impact than a page of complicated copy that most visitors to your site will stop reading by the time they get halfway through the page.

Furthermore, those same kinds of studies show that watching a video often leads to better retention. Many people are auditory and/or visual learners and seeing the information they seek offered in a video will be better retained and comprehended by them than the written word.

In addition, videos are easy to share on your social media outlets as well as in emails. It’s also been proven that mentioning “video” in an email subject line prompts way more click-throughs than you would experience with just an email full of text. Videos on your Facebook page increase end user engagement as well, says the popular social media platform.

What kind of video should I include?

There are a number of ways in which video can be used to promote your business. Which will work best for you will depend on the service or product you’re selling as well as how we perceive your target audience and what will be attractive to them.

  • Show them what you do – If you have an “active” business that would be fun for interested parties to watch, a video crew can film you doing your thing, so to speak. Music and subtitles can be added to make it extra interesting. These types of videos usually don’t include speaking, just action.
  • Be your own spokesperson – Some business owners like to speak for themselves so a documentary-type video works well for them. These can be ideal for those selling a service as well as a product, with a product demo possibly included in the video. If you like the idea of a documentary video but don’t want to appear in your film, hire an actor or ask a partner or employee with a dynamic personality to be your spokesperson.
  • Keep it animated – Live action isn’t always the answer to a good video. In many cases, animation works better for describing a process or concept. Video animation isn’t terribly complicated to compile these days, looks neat and concise, and is easy to understand when done well.

You might also consider a series of short videos if one simply isn’t enough to tell your story or sell your service or product. Just remember to keep building curiosity as you go and end each video with a cliffhanger or something else that makes the viewer want to watch the next one.


Intrigued? Did you know that video can be added to your website or social media pages at an affordable cost that will allow you to stay within your monthly or annual budget? At Watershed9, we have the tools and expertise needed to create the right video content for you. Contact us about options for producing an enticing video or videos that will increase your viewership and your bottom line as well.