So, it’s time to put up a website. You’ve thought a lot about it and are ready to take the plunge. Certainly, it will help your business. But you don’t want it to be complicated. You don’t like those websites that go on and on and on. And you don’t want yours to be one of those. You want it to be simple.

But how simple should you go? Is a one-page website ample for your business? Will it give you enough space to explain what you do and sell thoroughly? Is there enough room to supply information that will attract visitors to your site and keep them there? Maybe. Depending on your focus. Or not. Here, we’ve offered some food for thought as you consider your options. To help you choose a one-page website or something a little more complex.

A straightforward approach

– A one-page website allows you to keep it simple and straightforward. It highlights what you believe to be the essential message about your product or service. It can be very user-friendly if you approach it right. However, if you take three pages of information and cram it into one page, you’re not doing anyone any favors. The page will be so crowded that visitors won’t want to hang around to decipher your message. And you’ll end up losing them.

Visual appeal

– A long, one-page website full of high-quality photos could be visually appealing. It may work well for some kinds of businesses. For example, if you sell designer clothing or shoes, you probably rely primarily on photos to do the selling. In this case, one page might be okay, especially if the number of items you sell is limited. However, if you expand in the future, you’ll have to keep making that page longer. All that scrolling makes it a bit frustrating for the buyer, and they’re likely to give up and go elsewhere. In addition, you won’t have any room for additional content, such as text, which could help you rise in search engine rankings. So, think about scalability as you consider this option.

Mobile device user appeal

– One page can sometimes work well if you have clients who make most of their purchases from mobile devices like phones or tablets. Those who use their phones to buy items rarely want to scroll through pages and pages, so if you can consolidate all your pertinent info and photos onto one page, even if it’s a long one, it might work better for your typical customer. Remember, scrolling is a very natural movement for users of smartphones and tablets.

Navigation design

– Single-page websites usually have a very simple navigation design because there is generally only one action to be taken by the user once they reach that site, such as a “buy” button or a “more info” button. As such, users launch into the process (of buying, etc.) sooner and can move through it quickly because they are not distracted by lots of other content and other actionable processes.

Ease of maintenance

– If you’re concerned about website maintenance, it’s evident that it’s much easier to maintain only one page. However, you must keep it interesting and pertinent to attract and retain visitors. Even though there’s much less content, there has to be high value!

Search engine optimization

– One of the true problems with one-page websites is their inability to attract attention from search engines. They could hinder your ability to rank with Google, which means your user engagement could be pretty low. Because you have so little content, you’re likely missing things such as target keywords that are important for ranking. That said, however, a good website designer could help make your one-page site more recognizable by including the right content and more, though – in the end – it still may not be as successful as a longer site.

It’s essential to remember that whether you go with one page or with many pages, the key to a successful website is maintaining it regularly. As we mentioned before, content needs to stay fresh and relevant, and photos or videos should be updated when necessary. If you have a narrow focus, one page might work for you, but if you want to widen your reach potential, you may need to think about something more. Regardless of which direction you choose, the experts at Watershed9 can help you make the most of your website by offering innovative designs, great content, and affordable solutions for regular website management and maintenance. To learn more about our services, complete the contact form on this website or call us at 604-337-1449.