When Bowline Construction contacted us to build their first website back in 2016, the goal was simple: get online. But since then Bowline has completed several successful custom home projects as well as an impressive list of home renovations and they wanted their new website to reflect their capabilities and show off their best work. Fortunately, the business partners, Rueben Vegt and Steven Bosma had kept a photographer close at hand as they moved from project to project and our team had plenty of great images to pull from as we settled into our website groove.

Not only did we have images to show to prospective new clients, but we were able to include some energetic time-lapse videos that showed a few projects in various stages of construction.

What’s so great about video for any website is this: humans love watching videos. And while every video can’t be a viral hit, a well organized, informative video will engage your website users and keep them on your site for an extra minute or two.

Not only will prospects learn more about your business and what makes you tick, but Google will also notice the added “time on-site”. And that’s a big deal! Google loves it when visitors to your website stay longer and interact with your content – wander the aisles as it were – in your digital space. That tells Google that the page they suggested in response to a search query was a good page to suggest. And that page gets a checkmark from Google for the next time.

Now leaving search engines aside, if a visitor to your site stays and views a video or peruses a project gallery, you have a higher chance of making a great first impression and getting that lead.

It’s all about the content and the boys at Bowline Construction have taken this to heart by making content development a regular staple in the rhythm of their business routines.

You can check out their new website here: bowlineconstruction.ca