At Watershed9 Marketing, we always enjoy taking on new website design projects as well as website redesigns. It feels great to flex our creative muscles and work hard to deliver a site that shows our clients in the best light.

One unexpected benefit of web design is that we get to learn about businesses that may be new to us. This was the case when Huckleberry Landscape Design approached Watershed9 about a redesign of their company website. While we have worked with similar businesses, huckleberry offered a slightly different range of services. Not only did we get schooled on hardscape, softscape, drip irrigation, landscape lighting and pool installations, we also were introduced to the nuances of arborist consulting. Arborists bring a specialized skillset to any landscape project. Discussions of Native species of trees versus invasive species as well as expertise of local municipal bylaws concerning the removal and/or preservation of trees on a property might make a qualified arborist, the expert you never knew you needed.

As this website was a major expansion of their previous site, we required more images to tell their story. And as is the case with many of our clients, great images of actual client projects are in short supply. As we gained more understanding of our client’s services we were able to merge original photos with stock images for a cohesive look. The team at Watershed9 Marketing was excited to lend our expertise to help launch the new online home of Huckleberry Landscape Design. You can check out their new website right here. And the next time you get the sense you can’t see the forest for the trees, you’ll know who to call!