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Secure Hosting on Premium Servers 

Website Hosting

Secure Hosting on our High Speed Servers

WordPress hosting | WordPress updates | Website security  | Domain management

If tech isn’t your thing – that’s a good thing!

You have too much to worry about in your business to spend any time hacking around with your website hosting. Time and time again, we get calls from panicked business owners with broken sites wondering if we can help. The good news is YES we feel your pain and we can help. We start by moving your website to one of our superfast premium servers where it will be kept safe. And the best news is that we’ll watch it for you going forward.

Hosting isn’t an option – We provide a top shelf solution.

The world of website hosting is complicated and unless you love spending an afternoon trying to keep your website on the grid, and available to your customer, our advice is that you back away from that server login and let us keep the lights on.

At Watershed9 we deliver a premium web hosting service that competes with and exceeds the service offered by the big boys. We take Google’s analysis of website speed seriously and we make sure your website serves up pages quickly to people looking for you online. With practically no downtime, you can rest assured that your website is secure. And you can even connect with a real person if you have questions. Real people to handle your website hosting – this is as good as it gets!

Your website needs a manager!

WordPress Updates

WordPress core files, WordPress plugins, and even your WordPress theme needs constant updating or your website becomes more vulnerable to security issues and performance problems. Our Managed Hosting Plan described below includes almost DAILY review and updates in the price. (at that price it’s really a “must do”)

Monthly Reporting / Insights: $60/year

  • Integrates all your traffic sources into 1 easy to follow document
  • Review your website traffic in one place
  • Keep your website stats off the “back burner”
  • Stay informed of progress and set goals

See More Of Our Work:

See More Of Our Work:



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