If a picture is worth a thousand words, than our recent launch of the new Best Builders website is worth a million!

If you have ever taken a look around our website, you will know that we love designing websites for custom home builders. Maybe it’s because we have work experience in the construction field and we can have intelligent conversations about building techniques with clients who are always happy to share their knowledge. But one of the best things about designing a construction website is that we get to work with clients who understand the value of images. Great images. Images that convey quality and emotion in a way that detailed explanations of construction methods and floor plans just can’t.

Building a custom home is a very personal thing to a client. While there are budget constraints, building permits and zoning restrictions that must be nailed down, the very first decision – which builder to choose for your new home – is often a choice based on emotion. A feeling that the builder “gets it”. And from the builders perspective, there is no better way to attract great clients than to display your best custom homes, with properly staged photographs. If you can let people see your best work, the style of construction you do best, you will attract new clients that want more of the same.

When we were approached by the award-winning team at Best Builders about reimagining their extensive website, our task was to shape their extensive portfolio of high-end custom homes in a way that would not overwhelm the user. Working with our client, we expanded their ‘new construction’ and ‘renovation’ project areas and developed a new gallery that showcased projects by living space – kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor living, etc.

One of the biggest challenges on this project (but a fun one) was determining what to show off on the homepage. We were able to take the best of several projects and display them in a way that tells the user in only a few seconds that they have discovered a high-end builder that knows their stuff. Essentially we used our website design skills to create a Wow factor for a builder that has built an amazing business based on Wow factor!

Best Builders is a great example of a website where the images doing the selling. Click here to see more: https://bestbuilders.ca/