Part 2: Live and Dated Updates

In our first blog about the reasons your company should have a Facebook presence, we spoke a lot about reputation. Whether your company employs 2 or 2,000, building a solid reputation is essential, and a good Facebook page that contains information that allows current and potential clients to get the whole picture in just a few short minutes is one of the best ways to do that.

We also mentioned that your Facebook page allows you to improve your image and tout your success by allowing for customer feedback and reviews, adding to your credibility. In addition, we determined that because some 75 percent of adults use Facebook every day, that platform provides you with a number of opportunities each day to capture your audience.

Similarly, Facebook provides an all-important place for live and dated updates outside of your website, which can’t always be easily adjusted or added to when needed.

Staying up-to-date

Websites are our thing! We love them and we’re eager to build our clients a website that directs to them the traffic they need to keep building their business. An attractive and well-functioning website tells customers all the important details they need to know about what you do and how you do it, and with a click of a button they can get in touch with you in just seconds, either digitally or by phone.

But did you ever land on a website in search of information and realize that the site likely hadn’t been updated for quite some time? It’s happened to all of us! Perhaps you found text that was obviously outdated, like a calendar that included dates from 2018! Or maybe you landed on last year’s prices or even an outdated roster of employees.

Often, businesses will build a phenomenal website or have a professional build it for them but fail to expend the energy or spend the money to keep it up-to-date. That’s too bad because a lot of business can be lost that way. When things change for a business, be it personnel, pricing, or anything else, the company’s website should be updated to reflect those changes. Often, that doesn’t happen, which is why a current – and easy to change – Facebook page is so integral to success and is a great complement to a good website.

Live updates are key

If you’re one of those 75 percent that spend time on Facebook each day, then you are likely a person who looks to that social media platform for information. That could mean everything from the latest news and info on the pandemic to what your favorite soccer team is doing during their hiatus.

But news aside, Facebook has become essential to companies who need to advertise quick or temporary changes. For example, if the pandemic means you’re now closed on Sundays and Mondays, it’s a good idea to post that info on your Facebook page. If the upcoming December holidays mean you are increasing your evening hours for a few weeks just before Christmas, you can post that on Facebook, too.

Or suppose you’ve got an excess number of Eureka vacuum cleaners in stock and you want to get rid of them this weekend. That means a blow-out sale that you’re likely not going to be advertising on your website. For these temporary sales and other events, Facebook is the answer.


The beauty of Facebook for advertising hours, sales, and more is that everything you place on that page is time-stamped. Think about it. Each time someone posts on Facebook, we know exactly when they did it. We can see who stays up late at night and posts silly videos, who is an early riser and news junkie, and who rarely visits.

Same goes for a business page. With Facebook, we can ascertain if a sale is current, for example. If the keeper of the Facebook page posted a 50-percent-off bargain blowout just two hours ago, chances are it’s still valid and it’s time to hurry and take advantage of it. If you’ve simply got to pick up something before tomorrow morning and you’re not sure the business is still open, you can check the Facebook page to see if you can get there in time.

It’s really that simple. With Facebook, everything is there in “real time”, as they say. There’s no second-guessing as to whether or not the information your clients see is correct, as long as you are diligent about staying current, whether you – the business owner – do the updates yourself or whether you hire a social media specialist, which many companies do these days.

Need to know more about building a good Facebook presence? Our experts can help you with that as well as show you how to tie in your Facebook page to your overall marketing campaign to make your business more successful. For more information, contact the professionals at Watershed9 Web Design and Marketing at 604-337-1449 or by emailing us at