Part 1: Reputation 


Large business. Small business. Whatever size company you happen to own, it’s likely already obvious to you that you need a strong online presence to keep your business moving and growing.

But having an online presence means much, much more than just building a well-functioning, attractive website and keeping it up-to-date. Participating in social media is a must these days and Facebook still remains one of the best ways to reach any kind of clientele.

Even if you personally shy away from Facebook, preferring to keep your opinions and family photos to yourself, it’s essential to understand why a Facebook page and running a successful business go hand-in-hand.

A website doesn’t tell the whole story

While building a good website takes some time and, preferably, should be done by someone who understands the intricacies of factors such as search engine optimization, it’s true that anyone can put up a website these days. Even scammers. That means you – the consumer – don’t get the full picture from just looking at a website, even an impressive one!

Therefore, because of the lack of credibility of some websites (and their owners), it’s necessary to find yet another way to measure a company’s success and to also take a look at that business’s interactions with their current or past customers.

A Facebook page is an excellent way for potential customers to get the whole picture in just a few short minutes. Combined with a top-notch website, Facebook can provide your clients with the info they need to go ahead and select you from a pool of candidates they are considering for whatever it is you sell or do.

It’s all about image!

A company’s business reputation or image is largely determined by how it handles client interactions, problems, and more. While you can post “testimonials” on your website, touting your excellent rapport with customers, it’s better for clients to get that kind of information “from the horse’s mouth”, as the old saying goes. Besides, anyone can create bogus testimonials on a website.

However, when you establish a Facebook page, your customers can post directly to your page. This is important because reviews – and the followers who post them – lend a lot of credibility to your business these days, simply because social media is where many people turn for their information.

As a matter of fact, data shows that between 70 and 80 percent of adults ages 18-65 use Facebook on a daily basis, with about half of those individuals reporting that they log into Facebook several times a day. That gives you a number of opportunities each day to catch the audience you’re seeking to impress.

It’s also important to point out that Facebook is no longer a haven for teenagers, who most likely won’t be buying your product or service. They have turned to other platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. So, you can be sure that with a good Facebook account for your business, you’ll be hitting the right demographic these days.

Promoting your social media 

But it isn’t enough merely to establish a Facebook page and then leave it unattended. You MUST remain personally active on your company’s page or must assign an employee to manage that and other social media platforms.

What does that mean? It means not only opening it each day to check on followers, comments, and more, but it means posting regularly so that your followers can interact by reading what you’ve written and commenting on those posts.

Have a new product coming out? Talk about it on your Facebook page. Offering a new service? Tell your followers about it via Facebook. Like to blog? Put up a teaser on Facebook which will then lead your readers to your website to finish reading. Getting them to your website means they might possibly remain there for a while, browse, and purchase something

Furthermore, when you – the business owner – post regularly, you will attract more followers. Followers are important simply because they demonstrate the success of your business. It’s that simple. If you were comparing two similar businesses to decide which one to patronize, would you choose the one with 50 followers on their Facebook page or the one with 500? For consumers of this era, a larger presence on Facebook and other social media equates to a more prosperous business.

Not sure how to get started? Talk to the experts at Watershed 9 for more information on how social media, particularly Facebook, can help your business grow.