Branding and brand awareness are among the most popular business-related buzz words of the 21st century. Marketers regularly preach about the important of putting your brand out there and making sure that potential and current clients can recognize you immediately just by your distinctive design.

Certainly, there are many ways to develop a brand and/or brand awareness, including advertising, customer service, the sale of promotional merchandise, a logo or other images, and by growing your reputation in your field. We’ve all come to recognize just how important brand awareness has always been (even though the term “branding” seems new) and  have come to understand that it’s integral to driving new business.

More than a blurb on your website

Often, business owners depend on their website to present the full picture of who they are. After all, nearly all companies have a “who we are” blurb on their website. Sometimes, it’s just a few paragraphs about you or the business and other times it’s a long diatribe about everything you’ve done from age 3 onward…and no one takes the time to read it.

Chances are you’ve written one or two of these or have had someone write them for you. You’ve gathered all the key points of who you and your team really are and what you represent. You’ve worked hard on trying to convey the special “vibe” that exists in your business and among your team members. You’ve hashed out all the words and phrases you think should be associated with you and your company. In essence, you’ve created a resume on your website, albeit in a slightly different form than the traditional.

But does that website resume of sorts allow those who patronize your business or are considering doing business with you to really get to know who you are? Is that rather cold and emotionless page on your website the ideal way to get clients to trust you and become more acquainted with you, both as a person and a business owner?

While a “who we are” blurb remains important if it’s written correctly and succinctly, there are so many better ways to let customers and clients get to know you. More intimate ways, if you will. And Facebook is one of those tools that can help.

Branding and Facebook

Personally, why do you have a profile on Facebook? For most of us, it’s so we can interact with others. Often, Facebook is the perfect way to communicate with old friends from high school or college or perhaps family members who are geographically distant and with whom you don’t get to interact in person.

Well, businesses can reap the same advantages as the individuals who turn to Facebook for connections. Essentially, when your company has a good Facebook page, you’re enjoying the ability to have a conversation with anyone who will listen.

Through the images you display, the words you write, and the content you share, current and potential clients or customers can get to know you and your company to the point where they’ll eventually recognize you by your brand. That’s brand awareness at its best!

Getting to know you

Furthermore, they’ll have the opportunity to learn more about you in ways that can’t be achieved through a static “who we are” page on a website, especially one that’s seldom updated. Through Facebook, customers are getting an accurate picture of your style (ultra-professional or laid back, for example) and your business vibe as well. You can be funny where appropriate, serious and informative when necessary. You can interact with customers when the need arises, doing so in real time and providing feedback, answers, and more without delay.

Customers and clients can also see how you interact with other companies and people including who you follow and who you obviously admire. That tells them even more about you, what’s important to you, what and who you support, and even makes you a little vulnerable. (That’s okay!) Through Facebook, you simply become more human. More than just words on a page.

Through the proper use of Facebook and by keeping your page fresh and up-to-date, you create a brand personality by doing what so many do each day, usually multiple times a day: posting online on a platform that 1.47 billion people log into daily. That means exposure is the best it can be, providing you with countless opportunities to market and grow your business.


If you need more information about linking your website to Facebook or creating a helpful, dynamic Facebook page for your company, contact the experts at Watershed9 and we’ll help you take your business to new levels.